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CPD Roadshow

We are thrilled to be presenting at the 'RIBA CPD Roadshow' in Croydon on the 5th of March. The CPD Roadshow aims to provide members with a free full day's worth of CPD seminars for which they can earn valuable CPD points. Having become an approved member of the RIBA CPD Providers Network just over a year ago, we are delighted to be taking our seminar, on U-Profiled Glazing Systems, to its biggest platform yet.

The main aim of our seminar is to equip architects and designers with the knowledge required to confidently incorporate U-Profiled Glazing Systems into their designs. During the course of the seminar attendees will learn about the various components involved in the make up of this interlocking, perimeter framed glazing material. Application environments, both interior and exterior, will be discussed as well as the various aesthetic possibilities and achievable performance figures.

If you are interested in attending our seminar during the CPD Roadshow please register your place now -

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