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The Topglass approachWhere others see problems, we provide solutions.

Topglass has always been about solutions. For over 25 years we have built the business though innovative design and unique solutions.

• Avoid projects that favour basic generic products or solutions.

• Establish goals, design briefs and budgets.

• Provide design support (or a full design package) often with the use of innovative ideas (custom/bespoke solutions).

• Supported with Budgeting, Engineering, Manufacturing, Sourcing, Project management, Surveying and Drawing, Quality control, and Field management and execution.

The Topglass approach
What We Do

What We Do

We specialise in Facades, Entrance lobbies, Glass roofs, Balustrades, Floors, Lift shafts, Screens etc, applications that require architectural features involving custom quality engineered solutions.


We have a broad range of standardised, integrated and contemporary products, coupled with bespoke components in a wide range of materials and technologies allow us greater freedom of design and delivery of client’s needs.


We have access to probably every combination of glass on the market and like to take these products beyond the normal approach of many competitors, to achieve something special should it be bigger sizes, shaping, bending, free forming, décor, mechanically fixing or bonding in hundreds of different ways.

What We Do

Client Testimonial

With a £1.5billion high profile project like the refurbishment of Claridges, it was essential that every contractor had to complete their job quickly, accurately and on time. Topglass achieved this and more.

James McIlvenny - WATG Architects, London

Our Team